how to order

1. make a plan

Think about what you want. What product would you like decorate, and what would you like on it. If it is a special event, or a but you aren’t sure what to do: take a look on Pinterest or Google image search for some ideas. Take a look at our garment sales page to browse the diverse options of garments and accessories we can source for you. Think about what sizes you will need. Are there youth sizes, or women’s sizes needed. What colour would you like? Do you have a budget? Example: you need uniforms for your new small business, but only want to spend max $25/ garment. By letting us know of any budget considerations we can help you find a product and decoration that will suit your needs completely. What is your timeline (is there an event date we need to know about?)

2. prepare your artwork

In order to make your ideas a reality we need “good art”. Generally that means vector format graphics. This file type will be .ai, .eps, .cdr and sometimes .pdf. However, if all you have are .jpg, .bmp, .png, or a printed hard copy our graphic artists can work with that, but be aware that the time it takes to trace a rough image will cost $50/hour. Billable time will vary depending of the complexity of the graphic. Minimum charge is 30 min.

3. pick your clothing

This can be as simple as telling us you want 100 white t-shirts. If you have more specific needs, take some time and browse the available products under Garment Sales. Unfortunately, many of our distributors do not put prices on their websites. Sometimes a jacket that you thought would be perfect might break your team's annual budget. This is where we can help. We know these catalogues like the back of our hands, and can suggest suitable alternatives if the selected products will not work. We have lots of samples of the most popular product in our showroom in Genelle. Don’t hesitate to come down to see the goods and talk order details in person.

4. submit your order for quotation

Contact ben@vhsport.ca with the following information, or fill out an online quote inquiry form:
1.Your name and phone number
2. Event date (if applicable)
3. Services needed (printing, embroidery, or engraving)
4. Quantity (everything gets cheaper the more you get, so we need to know numbers in order to quote accurately)
5. Products your are interested in pricing out
6. Budget (if applicable)
7. Would you like it embroidered or screen printed?
8. Attach your artwork files, or an image of what you need on the garment/object. This is super important for us to estimate if/how many art hours will be needed, how many colours/stitches, and how many placements you require.

***REMEMBER the more information you give use, the quicker we can process the order, and get to the fun stuff.

5. Accept the quote

Once all the order details are settled with Ben, we require 50% deposit. We will then order in the product, and submit you art to the art department to make up layout proof to email back to you. Make sure to double check the sizes before approving. Once clothing has been customized there are no returns/refunds for mistaken sizes.

6. accept the art approvals

Look carefully at the details of your order. Zoom in to check spelling, dates, etc. Make sure the colours are what you are expecting. If anything seems uncertain, don't hesitate to clarify, or ask for corrections. All revisions are free. Our goal in to be as transparent as possible with this process so there are no surprises when you pickup the finished order.

7. pick up your order

Come to the shop in Genelle and pick-up your completed order. We require that all orders are paid upon pickup unless you have pre-existing credit terms with us.